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The Kindergarten curriculum consists of Religion, Reading Readiness, Phonics, Language Arts, Penmanship, Math, Social Studies and Science.

Religion introduces the student to the Catholic faith by focusing on God our Creator, Jesus, the Sacraments, Christian living, moral conscience, the Church and prayer.

The goal of the Reading program is for the students to develop the strategies, skills and knowledge necessary to comprehend and respond to a broad range of literature and reading materials. Students learn to identify letters, words and basic sentence structure.  Reading principles such as: recall and retell, cause and effect, classify and categorize, compare and contrast, drawing conclusions, main idea, realism and fantasy, sequence of events, and recognizing story elements such as character, plot, setting and theme are some of the skills learned in our Reading program.

The Phonics course has the student recognize and produce rhyming words, count words in sentences, count syllables in words, identify sounds that are the same or different and segmentand blend onset and rhyme.  It also focuses on identifying and isolating initial, medial and final sounds of spoken words.  Phonics also consists of blending sounds orally to make words, segment a word into sounds, and delete, or substitute phonemes.

Penmanship focuses on paper, pencil and arm position as well as directionality. Major emphasis is placed on the basic strokes to identify the shape in nature and in letters.  In writing letters and numerals children have a model of each and ample opportunity for tracing and writing.  Penmanship also focuses on writing words and sentences.

Math covers sorting, geometry, patterns, positions, numeration, tables, graphs, fractions, time, money and addition readiness.

Social Studies covers who we are, family, communities, work, the U.S.A. and our Earth.

Science is a hands-on subject during which students learn about various topics within life science, earth science and physical science.