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Middle School Curriculum

Religion, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and Language Arts are departmentalized.

The theme of Religion in Grade 7 is Jesus. Students study the life, values and teachings of Jesus and are challenged to lead a Christian lifestyle.

Through Scripture, students learn to appreciate the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation as signs of hope.

Students are encouraged to develop Christian attitudes and behavior.

The theme in Grade 8 is Church History. Students survey the major historical periods of the Church in order to come to a deeper understanding of their heritage. They are encouraged to make their own lives reflect the beliefs and commitment of the Church community.

They participate in personal prayer, Mass and the sacraments.

Family dynamics, morality and values are covered in the Family Life curriculum in both grades 7 and 8.


Grade 7 Science includes studies of cellular transport, photosynthesis and respiration, viruses, immunity, the plant kingdom, ecosystems, the Earth’s atmosphere, the Moon, and the solar system.


Grade 8 Science includes studies of the general properties of matter, the Periodic Table, atomic structure, chemical reactions, thermal energy, forces, gravity and space travel.

The Social Studies classes give students a broad view of the people and events that have contributed to the creation and the operation of The United States of America.