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Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Notre Dame Academy for the 2018-2019 school years. My name is Kaitlyn Koepplinger but you may call me Ms.Katie. This is my third year teaching at Notre Dame Academy and I am very excited!!  I hope you have had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. The year ahead will be filled with many exciting challenges - for you as parents, for us as teachers, and for the children. Our classroom aides are Ms. Sue, Mrs. Pappas, and Mrs. K is our lunch aide every day.

Items that your child will need for school are as follows:

• Beach towel for nap time

• 2 snacks and 3 drinks daily

• Lunch daily

• Also supply plastic utensils if needed. Please no glass bottles or glass containers.

• 2 full sets of seasonal clothing (shirts, paints, underwear, socks, and shoes)

• Supplies (see supply list)

• Please remember to label all (first and last name) clothing, blanket, lunch box, snacks, lunch, juice boxes and any other items your child brings to school. This will prevent anything from getting lost or misplaced. • Any money sent to school: please send it in a sealed & labeled envelope with your child's name on it. Please send in EXACT amount of money as we do not have change. If you are sending more than one payment at a time please put each payment in a separate envelope.

Enrichment Classes:

• Monday: Gym Class & Library Class

• Tuesday: Computer Class

• Wednesday: Music Class

• Thursday: Gym Class

• Friday: Spanish Class and Art Class


• When you drop of your child in the morning please don't linger around the classroom. This only makes the transition for your child more difficult. If you have any concerns, please feel free to call the school to see how your child is doing. All children should be in their classroom by 8:10am. Please notify the school if your child will be late. All pre-k parents may walk their child to class until October 1st. All parents are welcome to walk their child to class every Friday.


• We will dismiss at 2:50 pm on full days and 12:05pm on half days. If I don't see you at 3:05pm after the bell rings, I will bring your child to aftercare. Aftercare is located in the back of the cafeteria.


• Pre-k will have the option to order from our new lunch program Simply Gourmet. Please visit the web site at www. Simplygourmetlunches.com.

Rest time:

• After lunch your child will have a rest time. Each child that naps in school will be provided with a mat to rest on. All towels will be kept in school for 2 weeks and sent home every other Friday to be cleaned. Please remember to clear your child's lunch box.


• Your child's folder is extremely important because it is the main source of communication between you and me. It is important that your child brings his or her folder to class every day. All letters, notices and important papers will be sent home in your child's folder. It is essential that your child folder is checked every night. Any notices or letters from you to me or to the school should be place in the folder. I will check these folders daily. If both you and I follow this procedure, we will remain informed and nothing will be misplaced.

Weekly Yellow Packets:

• Every Wednesday the main office will send home a yellow folder with all school correspondence enclosed. Please remove all correspondence and sign and return the school folder every Thursday.

Book Orders:

• Each month a Scholastic Book order will be sent home in your child's folder. These are always optional. You are never under any obligation to order books. If you choose to order please return the order form and a CHECK ONLY made payable to Scholastic in a labeled envelop. All books will be placed in your child's book bag. If you choose not to order please disregard the order form.

Health and Allergies:

• Please communicate any health or allergy concerns your child may have. The nurse will also be asking for this information. We are now a peanut free school! If you bring in a replacement peanut butter such as soy butter please send in a picture of the label.


• To be a class parent or to be able to attend any field trips you must attend the Protecting God's Children Seminar. This information is in your package you will take home today.


• Please make sure that your child is dressed comfortably and appropriate for the season. Belts should not be worn. We ask that children wear shoes with rubber soles or sneakers to ensure their safety while playing. Girls may not wear heals or flip flops. Snow boots are not to be worn in school. If they are worn to school, please send in a pair of sneakers or shoes to change into when they arrive at school.

Birthday Parties:

• Children love to celebrate their birthday. Please let me know in advance if you plan on bringing in a treat for your child to share with the class. We ask that it is kept simple (cupcakes, cookies, or donuts). The ideal time for the party would be at the end of the day. Please no candy goodie bags. Also when sending in treats we ask that they must be labeled either NUT FREE or SCHOOL SAFE.


• Toys and personal valuables should not be brought to school. Toys can be misplaced or broken and this will not be the responsibility of the school.

We look forward to an exciting and fun school year. Hopefully I have covered all your questions and concerns but please do not hesitate, at anytime, to talk to me about any concerns you may have. Thank you for your cooperation!


Ms. Katie